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Here is where we should answer the most common questions customers might have.

1. What is interNACHI?

InterNACHI is the largest organization of residential and commercial property inspectors.

2. What is ASHI?

ASHI is another large organization for home inspectors.

3. Do I need to hire a home inspector to purchase home?

It is highly recommended that you hire a home inspector prior to purchasing a home. Keep in mind that the vast majority of buyers hire home inspectors. Only few buyers decline the services of a home inspector. Declining the services of a home inspector is very risky.

4. Are home inspectors licensed in Florida?

Yes home inspectors are licensed in Florida under the provisions of chapter 468.

5. Who is the listing agent?

The listing agent is the licensed sales agent who represents the seller.

6. What is included in the closing costs?

Every real estate transaction is different and will have different closing costs. We as home inspectors recommend that you consult this with your sales agent.

7. Who will be paying for the closing costs?

We have observed that each transaction is different and have different rules about who will be paying for the closing costs. We as home inspectors recommend that you consult this with your real estate agent.

8. What is an iBuyer?

iBuyer is a new concept of selling homes where a large corporation offers immediate offer for your property.

9. Is it recommended to hire a licensed sales agent?

We as home inspectors have seen problems when buyers deal directly with sellers. We recommend that buyers hire a licensed sales agent prior to each transaction.

10. Why experience matter when hiring a home inspector?

Experience is the main factor when hiring a home inspector. Please ask about experience before hiring your home inspector.

11. What does the title company do?

The title company is the company that transfer the title from the seller to the buyer.

12. What is the difference between InterNACHI and ASHI?

Both of them are very reliable organizations. Both of them are very well re-known. We recommend that you hire a home inspector that is abided to the InterNACHI or ASHI standards.

13. Why purchasing a home in Florida is a good investment?

Few places in the world where you can find a solid real estate investment like Florida.

14. What is the difference between a condo and a town-home?

They are similar in that you will be sharing a wall or flor with a neighbor. But they differ in the way you own the exterior of the property or not.

15. What is a wind mitigation report?

Florida mandates that insurance have to reduce the premium to their customers if they present evidence of some methods used during construction or retrofit that will mitigate the effect of a hurricane.

16. What is a 4-point report?

Most insurance companies request a 4-Point report if customers present this report and matches the insurance minimum requirements.

17. What is included in a general home inspection report?

Inspection of the structure, roof, electrical, plumbing, air conditioner, flooring, ceiling, windows among others.

18. Can I dispute with the seller the deficiencies found in the home inspection report?

We as home inspectors have observed that most of the time the buyer can dispute with the seller the deficiencies in the home. But this is not always the case. You should discuss with your sales agent about this.

19. Why smoke detectors are important?

According to NFPA, smoke detectors should installed on each level of the house, outside the sleeping areas and inside each bedroom.

20. What are the HOA deed restrictions?

They are restrictions established by the association.

21. Will the attic be inspected during a general home inspection?

Yes, the attic will be inspected during a general home inspection if accessible.

22. How often do I need to service the water heater?

We recommend that you service the water heater at least once a year.

23. How often do I need to service the Air/Conditioner?

We as home inspectors recommend that you service the air conditioner at least once a year.

24. How often do I need to replace the air-filters for the Air-Conditioner?

We recommend that you replace the air-filters at least every three months.

25. What is a reversible air-conditioner system?

It is an air conditioner that can cool and heat by the same gas compression process. This will save you money during the winter.

26. Are rain gutters recommended or mandatory?

They are highly recommended to protect the foundations of the home.

27. Is it recommended that downspouts include extensions?

Yes. Downspouts should be added to divert rainwater away from foundations.

28. What is a cosmetic defect?

Cosmetic defect are those that occur due to the natural process of aging.

29. What is a safety hazard?

A safety hazard are those defects that need immediate attention. Ignoring such defects can be fatal to the residents or visitors.

30. Is lack of insulation a deficiency in a home?

Yes lack of insulation is a deficiency in a home.

31. Can a visitor sue a homeowner if an accident happen due to a safety hazard?

Yes, many litigations happen on daily bases due to negligence from the homeowner to correct safety hazard.

32. Who regulates the industry of home inspections?

The state of Florida under the provisions of chapter 468.

33. What is the TPR valve in a water heater?

The TPR valve is an emergency valve that activates in case the water heater temperature and pressure are extremely high.

34. Are expansion tanks recommended in water heaters?

Yes, we as home inspectors recommend that expansion tanks be installed to extend the life of a water heater.

35. Tankless vs conventional water heaters:

We as home inspectors have observed that conventional water heaters can do a very good job. However due to their size they take significant space. If space is a factor you should consider tankless water heater.

36. Are PVC piping recommended for hot water?

No, PVC piping is not recommended for water heater as they are not rated for high temperatures.

37. Is aluminum wiring a deficiency?

Yes, aluminum wiring is a deficiency and should be replaced by copper.

38. Are missing GFCI receptacles a safety hazard?

Yes, where deemed required by the home inspector GFCI should be installed. GFCI receptacles have reduced considerable the number of deaths and injured people due to electric shocking.

39. Are double taps inside the electric panel a safety hazard?

Yes. Double taps should be repaired by a licensed electrician.

40. What is the difference between a realtor and a broker?

Well, the broker is similar to the boss of the realtor. Each realtor has a broker who is also responsible for the real estate transaction.

41. Are home inspectors insured in Florida?

Yes. Home inspectors are insured in Florida. Law requires a general liability insurance coverage of at least $300,000.

42. What if water in the A/C secondary pan is detected?

The secondary pan is an emergency pan and should be dried all the time. If water present then a service by a licensed air conditioner technician is highly recommended.

43. What is the purpose of a TPR piping in a water heater?

The TPR piping should facilitate the discharging of water from the TPR valve with minimimum resistance and to a safe location.

44. Can I negotiate with the seller deficiencies found in the general home inspection report?

We as home inspectors have observed that most of the time this is correct. The buyer can negotiate with the seller the deficiencies found. However this is not always the case and you may want to discuss this with your real estate agent.

45. What if I decide to purchase a home without hiring a home inspector?

The vast majority of real estate transactions involve the services of a licensed home inspectors. Only few buyers decline the services offered by a home inspector. A good realtor will always recommend that you hire a licensed home inspector.

46. Do home inspectors have a SUPRA key?

Not all of them. But some home inspectors carry the SUPRA key which facilitates entrance to the home.

47. Do A/C units require a service disconnect?

Yes. Service disconnect is required.

48. Does the suction line in the A/C unit need to be properly insulated?

Yes, insulation increases the efficiency of the air conditioner. Also lack of insulation stimulates the condensations which can make some damage.

49. Are drain pans required underneath water heaters?

If the water heater is located in a place that can create damage if water is spilled then yes. A pan is required underneath a water heater.

50. Why realtors highly recommend to hire a home inspector prior to purchasing a home?

A good realtor is always going to recommend the services of a licensed home inspector prior to purchasing a home. This is because is very risky to waive home inspections. Keep in mind that most buyers hire licensed home inspectors. Do not regret later.

51. Will the structure and its components be inspected during a general home inspection?

Yes. A Good home inspector should visually inspect the following:

(a) Foundation;
(b) Floor structure;
(c) Wall structure;
(d) Ceiling structure;
(e) Roof structure;
(f) Posts;
(g) Beams;
(h) Columns;
(i) Joists;
(j) Rafters;
(k) Trusses;
(l) Other framing; and
(m) Ventilation of foundation areas.

52. What is a general home inspection report?

Home inspector report is a legal document that explains the current conditions of the systems and components inside the house.

53. Is it recommended to hire a sales agent or purchasing directly to the owner?

We as home inspectors will always recommend that you hire sales agent if you want to purchase a home.

54. Can I be present during a home inspection?

Yes, if seller agrees you can be present during the inspection. A good home inspector will answer questions during the home inspection.

55. Is a home inspection report a legal document?

Yes, a home inspection report is a legal document that explains the condition of the systems and components inside the house.

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