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Home Inspectors in Sumter, Florida

We are a team of home inspectors in Sumter, Florida ready to help buyers and realtors. We are licensed by the State of Florida. We proudly follow one of the highest standards in the industry: the interNACHI’s Standards of Practice. We understand the importance of a real estate transaction. That is why our inspections are based on experience in home inspections. Every inspector in our team is regularly trained in customer satisfaction. If you want to buy a home with peace of mind and a smooth transaction you need to hire an experienced home inspector in Sumter, FL. We also follow the ASHI’s pool standard. We are the preferred choice among buyers and realtors in Sumter, FL. Good realtors understand the importance of hiring an experienced home inspector. That is why we are the preferred home inspectors in Sumter, FL. All our home inspections are performed by Licensed Home inspectors with over 5 years of experience.

Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction:

Before inspecting your future home, you will receive from us a quote which includes the InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice and a copy of the inspector’s license. That way you will be 100% confident that you will receive an inspection report that follows one of the highest standards for home inspections. No excuses. We will stick to the interNACHI’s Standards of Practice, or we will give you the money back 100% guaranteed. By following the interNACHI’s Standards of Practice you will receive a report that can be easily understood by all the parties. If you are planning to negotiate some of the deficiencies found; the other part can easily identify the issues in the home inspection report. All the inspection reports are self-explanatory. However, we can always be contacted over the phone after the home inspection if you have any questions or concerns.

Why are we the preferred home inspectors among realtors in Sumter?

Buyers tend to ask their realtors questions about the property all the time. Our inspection reports can help the realtor have a better understanding of the current condition of the property and be prepared for questions and concerns from the buyers. We can be reached after hours. We can receive text messages until late evening 7 days a week. Realtors will definitely prefer an experienced home inspector to help their clients get to a smooth real estate transaction.

Why are we the preferred home inspectors among buyers in Sumter?

The main reason is word of mouth. Most of our new clients come by referrals. We have noticed that new buyers prefer to listen to previous buyers before taking the decision of hiring a home inspector. That is why we are so confident that you will also refer our home inspectors to yours coworkers, friends and relatives in the years to come.

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